Sunday, February 26, 2012


I grew up in a country at a time when even the neighborhood Good Humor man could afford a modest home in a decent suburban community, pay his bills and provide for his family. Little did I know that while everyone seemed to be happily chugging along, behind the scenes were very powerful, soulless men with evil, greedy hearts, who were members of a secret society responsible for devising a scheme that would ultimately allow them to control the world’s finances by perpetuating the crippling of the unsuspecting, hard-working middle class. Sounds like a bit of a horror movie, doesn’t it?  

Here I am some fifty years later, witnessing close friends and relatives who have toiled through the years only to watch their houses go into foreclosure and lose everything they’ve worked for, such as retirement funds and pensions. Several of my acquaintances have gone into bankruptcy as the American Dream they labored to achieve is slowly turning into an irreversible nightmare.

As a kid, everything made sense to me. Life was simple with easy steps to follow; get a college degree, find a job, invest in a house, raise a family, buy a bigger house with the profit from the sale of the first house, retire and live happily ever after. I was planning on providing for my children and allowing them to have the same or even better opportunities, paving their road to a secure future. It seemed foolproof, what could possibly go wrong?

One by one, local businesses are shutting down. Jobs are scarce and salaries can’t keep up with the rising costs of life’s basic necessities. For sale signs are staked into the front lawns of every other home in every town. Gasoline prices are nearing five dollars per gallon, fruits and vegetables are being genetically modified depriving human beings of the nutrients mother earth was designed to provide for us. Safely grown organic produce is so expensive, only the wealthy can afford them. Processed foods are not fit for human consumption, yet they are the bulk of what is affordable and available on supermarket shelves. We are what we eat, therefore the majority of the nation is sick and under the care of doctors who only know how to write out prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs. Medical insurance plans will not cover safe homeopathic remedies, but gladly cover the astronomical costs of synthetic drugs with harmful side effects, thereby keeping the population ill, addicted to pills and fattening the ever increasing pockets of the pharmaceutical companies who just happen to be in cahoots with the FDA. Coincidence, I don’t think so!

How did this happen? I can’t say for certain, but I have some theories. North America was once a land occupied by Native Americans who revered the Great Spirit, the Earth and everything upon it. Religiously oppressed white men from across the ocean set sail for new lands in search of religious freedom. When they arrived, in the name of the God customized to suit their needs, they swindled, raped, slaughtered and spread disease, wiping out virtually millions of America’s inhabitants. The “civilized” white men colonized and set up governments under the pretext they were here with God’s blessings and all those who followed bought it hook, line and sinker. Not unlike the Jews who were thoroughly convinced that the nation of Israel was the apple of God’s eye, the early settlers believed wholeheartedly America was the new Promised Land. The indoctrination process had begun and America eventually grew into an arrogant, greedy, self-righteous nation underhandedly causing havoc around the globe with the pretense God was on their side, “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all,” a lie just as blatant as the ones claiming that Honey Nut Cheerios lowers cholesterol or Wonder Bread grows strong bodies in twelve ways!

The sacred philosophy of the country’s natives vanished right along with them. What was once deemed as hallowed ground became disrespected and abused as an Industrial Revolution with no conscience for the environment, ravaged the land and polluted the skies and rivers. Not satisfied with what existed within our own borders, we began to terrorize the globe, instigating wars with no regard for the planet or human life, all under the false premise that God was rooting for us. The greed has escalated to the point where American politics has become a joke, our crumbling nation is the laughing stock of a volatile planet and people worldwide are defenseless and fed up. Has anybody figured out that maybe the contrived God this crooked nation has been claiming to honor and serve since annihilating practically an entire race is a far cry from any semblance of truth?  

Depending upon one’s mindset, we are currently living in an age that can be looked upon as very exciting or very frightening. There’s no doubt that every system created by man is on the verge of collapse. Government, religion and economics are failing. The human race has become so consumed by the illusion of materialism, people have forgotten to give credence to the reality of spirit. What would inspire a thinking person to believe that a Divine Entity capable of creating an infinite Universe might even consider favoring a geographical location on a speck in the cosmos such as The United States of America or a religious cult such as Christianity? The notion is totally preposterous. The occupants of Earth desperately need to unite, redefine themselves as Earthlings, and join in an undying effort for the common good to develop ecological alternatives to fossil fuel energy. They need to succeed in restoring the soil and the waterways so that our food source will once more grow in abundance and provide the essential nutrients. When a belief system has been advocating an escape plan to the so-called inevitable end of the world to its millions of brainwashed followers for the past two-thousand years, why would any of them be overly concerned with caring for a planet they assume will one day explode into oblivion?  Unless human beings alter their manner of thinking, readjust their value systems and rise above the physical, they cannot and will not survive. Unless we learn to respect one another, recognize each other as a collective soul, and rise up to a higher level of consciousness, survival will be out of the question. It is time to revolutionize by recognizing the Divine within and allowing the positive energy of love to guide and sustain us. It is time to tear down the dark walls of the boxes that have been dividing us and to step into the eternal light. It is time for all men to acknowledge the false security of the comfort zones we created for ourselves. This era calls for the disabling of our stubborn egos, to let go of the unproven theories we wrongly defend, realize our connection to all life and to finally identify ourselves as One. Those of us who continue to remain asleep by clinging to the lies, misgivings, delusions and agendas of a misguided past will be in for a rude awakening. World without end, Amen!          

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  1. As I stated to you before, I share the same opinion in this matter. I am very frightened at the direction our country is heading. As of today, our national debt is $15,446,694,547,612 and increasing $4 billion per day. Of this, each citizen is responsible for $49,461 and each taxpayer is responsible for $136,125! This means as a working citizen, I am responsible for almost 2 other people who do not pay taxes. What do I have to show for my portion of the debt? What happened to the 'American Dream'? WAKE UP AMERICA! We are losing. At what point do we say, "No More!"?